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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber 1973mackem
    Keep The Faith
    19 Nov '06 21:08
    How do you delete sent messages?
  2. 19 Nov '06 22:48
    Originally posted by 1973mackem
    How do you delete sent messages?
    i dont beleive you can, once you go over a certain number the old ones get deleted (i think you can have about 40-50 in maximum) but you cant delete specific sent messages

    sorry i couldnt be more help

  3. 19 Nov '06 23:02
    If the person who received the message deletes it, it goes from your end too.
  4. 20 Nov '06 11:13
    Any still left after thirty days are automatically deleted: see the note in the box on the left of the 'My Messages' page.