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Help Forum

  1. 30 Jun '05 11:41
    I am playing homelie with the flag of the Slovak Republic. To date,
    he oe she has not responded to any of my messages and now seems
    stalled out in playing our game.

    I would like my opponent to play a move or discontinue our game

  2. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    30 Jun '05 11:48 / 2 edits
    Well, I think you'll find that in correspondence chess it's not unusual for a game to go without a move for a few days. That's the nature of the site I'm afraid. Why don't you start another game whilst you're waiting, you can play up to 6 concurrent matches as a non-subscriber. Or, if you want immediate action, you might prefer
  3. Standard member Bowmann
    30 Jun '05 23:15
    Speed is irrelevant.

    War is war, loser.
  4. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirate™
    01 Jul '05 15:41
    Originally posted by Bowmann
    Speed is irrelevant.

    War is war, loser.
    Your statement is irrelevant.

    Chess is chess, not war! Loser. 😉