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Help Forum

  1. 28 May '05 11:57
    Where do I go to notify an opponent to make a move. It's been 7 days. Do I just assume he has stopped the game at that point?
  2. Standard member Peakite
    28 May '05 16:29 / 1 edit
    You can click on 'move reminder' next to the game on your My Games page. Will send an e-mail to them, although whether that will cause them to move quickly is another matter. Although some people (including myself) prefer not to receive these.

    Also if he is within the timeout/timebank controls there isn't much you can do anyway. Breaking those and you can then claim a win, sticking within them and you have agreed to that amount of time per move.
  3. 01 Jun '05 03:15
    How can I get a player that asked for a fast game to move.. he only shows it as a day game and he stopped .. if i sleep i lose for no movement.. only he WONT MOVE AGAIN. HELP