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  1. 30 Nov '09 05:35
    How is the time of a move as listed in the Game Log determined? Notification of a recent move was designated as Nov. 29 ('09), 11:48 p.m. on my e-mail Inbox, but on the Game Log it was listed as Nov. 30, '09, 04:59.
  2. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    30 Nov '09 06:01
    Time zone difference ? Check that your settings reflect that of the site and update them if they don't.

    >My settings > Time zone settings > and align the GMT difference to reflect the current time from your country.

  3. 30 Nov '09 22:54
    I thought that might be it, and I wondered where the time is determined at. It looks like it might be 5 hours ahead of my time (EST in US), so I wondered if England is the central time area (I'm not well up on my time zones). My opponent has a Canadian flag by their user name, so I figured it couldn't be their time.
  4. 30 Nov '09 22:57
    Ah, now that I read your whole post I get it. Thanks!