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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 03 Dec '02 07:03
    Would it be possible to put the drop down box that allowed us to
    switch between forums back? It was much faster than going back a

  2. 03 Dec '02 08:38
    I like this idea. It was a useful feature on the old forum.

    Another idea - I think it's been mentioned before (by Rhymester if I
    recall correctly) - is that it would be good if the title of the thread that
    one is replying to was displayed somewhere within the thread
    itself...perhaps in the space where it says "page 1" at the top.

  3. Donation Acolyte
    Now With Added BA
    03 Dec '02 12:57
    Given the number of forums there now are, I think it would be unfair to get Chris and Russ to
    list them all. I agree a drop-down list of standard forums would be handy, though.
  4. 03 Dec '02 19:59

    Do you remember the one we had with the old forums? It had
    General, Help, Chess Theory, Tournaments, RHP Live, Newbies,
    Puzzles and Posers (in some order)? That's the one I'm talking about.


    Also, I think the main confusion that was created by the change in the
    forums is two-fold: First, the titles are gone. This can obviously be
    changed if necessary. Second, the hierarchical structure (indenting) is
    gone. The ability to quote previous posts is, in fact, far superior to the
    old structure (IMO). The only problem is that the posts made in the
    old format lost their tree-shape and are now inline posts, rto the post
    they're replying to. That's why it all seemed so confusing. But
    everything will be ok once we start using the quotes. Trust me!
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    04 Dec '02 00:32
    Hopefully the phase 2 forums release, which will address these
    problems, won't be long now.

    Not much will change this weekend though, as I will be joining Chris in
    London for some birthday celebration drinking (1 week late). It may
    surprise a lot of you that we don't actually live anywhere near each
    other, and generally communicate just through email! No doubt RHP
    will never be far from our lips when we meet up again though.