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  1. 20 Sep '02 05:54
    rhp works great with IE, but when i try it with some of the smaller ones
    (eg. offby1), or even mozilla (linux version) i get radio buttons in
    each square and can't move. haven't tried netscape and i think opera
    works ok.

    does anyone know how to get mozzilla to function properly here?

    thanks in advance!
  2. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    20 Sep '02 06:34
    Nope: I could get KDE's konqueror (which I thought was Mozilla based) to dump the annoying little
    radio buttons, but not Mozilla itself. Of course that was some old pre1.0 release of Mozilla.

    Oh, and though Konqueror didn't need radio buttons to move, it did consistently crash each and
    everytime I tried to look at game histories. Rumour was some javascript codes made it go bad

    well, if I am up to my usuall style, this was an absolutely uselessresponse for you
  3. 20 Sep '02 08:32
    thx anyway. i tried upgrading mozilla and then installed the java plug-in, but
    still nothing different.
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    25 Sep '02 12:55
    No need for Java - the site uses no Java at all .

  5. 25 Sep '02 17:57
    ok thx for letting me know. i just found out something a moment ago when my
    oppenent on pacific-mall site finally moved (after a week!) - there are no
    radio buttons showing up there. i presume that they are using javascript as
    well. so does this mean, as suggested by your earlier post, that rhp has
    configured things to optimize to IE hence some other browsers will not work as
    well, whereas pacific-mall has just done a so-so job, but it works equally well
    for most browsers? the rhp site is far superior in terms of features and ease of
    use, so i imagine that is because of the optimizations done for IE.
  6. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    25 Sep '02 18:12
    I would say that basically that is correct.I would extend it to the internet in
    general.MS has worked hard squashing competitiion to arrive at where they are.

    Its very annoying.IE is so full of bugs and security issues it isn't funny.It
    has to be one of the worst pieces of code ever that is an intrical part of an
    A fine product like Opera is rendered useless or near useless at many sites.
    Try surfing MS with anything but IE.This is what they want internet wide.
  7. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    25 Sep '02 19:39
    Well, it’s not worth having this debate here, but most die hard
    Netscape’s I know have now made the switch. And IE is 'free' to most,
    and is therefore dominant. There is no point in fighting it from our
    perspective - as we can provide a slicker interface to the majority of

    I know a lot of people here have AOL accounts, and I suppose the day
    that AOL change the browser that they ship with [possible, as AOL
    owns Netscape] things will change.

  8. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    26 Sep '02 02:17
    hehehe..sorry..just had to do my daily MS rant 🙂

    Don't get me started about AOL 😉
  9. 25 Sep '02 20:13
    i guess that's why there are so many patchs for it on :0

    still i found many things on it convenient and thought it was a really good program.

    however, now i have a mozilla enthusiast and a linux convert! you can do neat
    things in linux! just learning, but already deeply impressed!!
  10. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    22 Sep '02 03:11
    I'm not sure what a radio button is but I use Mozilla here.I click the dot of
    the square of the piece I wish to move and click a 2nd dot for the square I wish
    to move to.Press enter move.
  11. 22 Sep '02 07:57
    thank you - i found out that works so i can play. i would just like to get rid
    of the 'dots' so the board looks the way it does for Internet Explorer.
  12. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    22 Sep '02 09:13
    Well,you could always use IE 😉

    There is a pretty good browser that uses the ie rendering engine.Its called
    Crazy Browser of all things.Its IE without the IE 😀
  13. 22 Sep '02 16:49
    i think IE is great and have used it all this time. however, i am switching to
    linux and found that i can't run IE even using the windows emulator WINE. i am
    very impressed with Mozilla though.
  14. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    23 Sep '02 20:33
    Sorry about the radio buttons. It was either that or no interface at all.
    IE works best, and most users have it, so it makes sense to enhance
    the site for them, while supporting other browsers with a more
    functional interface.

  15. 24 Sep '02 00:55
    ok thanks for letting me know. i'll stop trying to fiddle with mozilla to solve
    the 'problem' 🙂