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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member Blobby
    You Cheeky
    21 Oct '04 21:07
    ewell av had a clan for a while now and noones joining so wat am i doin wrong can someone please help😞😞😳😳:'(:'(
  2. Standard member fawcr01
    Headless chicken
    21 Oct '04 22:13 / 1 edit

    People won't just join your clan for no reason... you have to give them a reason for joining.

    Are you inviting members? If so, who? What can you offer them? Why should they join your clan and not someone else's more established clan? So many questions....
  3. Standard member cludi
    22 Oct '04 20:34
    Try to think back on the time when you joined the 3 clans you're a member of. What made you join?
    When you find out, try the same "trick" on others πŸ˜‰
  4. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    24 Oct '04 03:52 / 2 edits
    Perhaps, outside of the UK nobody knows who Blobby is and perhaps, those in the UK that do couldn't stand him!

    Have you considered changing the name / theme? A Middlesborough FC Clan, or a Pianists Clan might attract more members.