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Help Forum

  1. 02 Jun '01 17:03
    A few days ago I turned e-mail notification back on, having disabled it
    for a while, but now it doesn't work. I ticked the box and clicked
    update. Any ideas please?
  2. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    05 Jun '01 22:43
    Hi Kingprawn,

    Sorry, I've only just read your post. I will look into what is going on.
    We made some changes to the notification code (stopping draw
    offers, etc... from being sent as well as move notifications). It's
    possible we have affected you in some way.

  3. 09 Jun '01 22:29
    Hi Chris, Sorry I've only just read your post as well. I must admit it
    was my fault :-( I got myself a new address from yahoo so that I
    could use yahoo messenger in conjunction with email notification as
    suggested in one of the forums. When I changed my details I wrongly
    assumed the address was a one as I got it from, but it is in fact a one. Strange as I have another
    yahoo address for use at work, also obtained from as
    opposed to, but this one is a .com address. Just goes to
    show that you shouldn't assume anything ;-)
  4. 09 Jun '01 22:52
    Hello again!

    Just to confirm that now I've rectified my error, my e-mail notification
    is working fine.

    By the way, when you guys get a chance could you please amend the
    e-mail notification to send the actual move played, either instead of,
    or as well as, FEN? This was promised a while back, but I know you
    have been busy with some good improvements.

    Thanks, Kingprawn