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  1. 14 Sep '04 03:26
    I, as I expect many people, usually keep my My Games with the My Move filter enabled. It's the only way to keep things organized when I have more than just a handful of games on the go.

    Now, the problem is that games just disapppear from view... someone may checkmate me and (shock! horror!) I hadn't seen it coming. So ... it just disappears because it's not my move. Likewise, someone may resign and I don't see it happen.

    Solution; Have a more complex move filter. Let me select my move -or- game over ... that way I see the games I'm interested in without constantly clicking emove filter and add filter back and forth.

    The second problem is I don't see timeouts I can claim. So, like the above, if I have some games coming close to timeout (if someone's not raised their flag or messaged me, then I'll claim them gladly) I'm doing the same thing... remove filter, look for the claim win, then add the filter back.

    Solution; Give me my move, or game is over, OR I can claim a win.

    Another thought ..... let me sort by move status. If I could choose my sort order my move, then game over, then interesting (claim win, etc), then heir move, with a nice display break between the sections then perhaps I'd leave my display on showing all games.....

  2. Standard member fawcr01
    Headless chicken
    14 Sep '04 14:14
    I always sort my games by date/time of last move. I always move th e oldest waiting game first and so don't lose track of things. It means that "Your move" games tend to be at the top.
  3. 14 Sep '04 14:48
    How well does that work for you if you have vastly different time controls on your games?

    I have 1/14 tournaments as well as 21/21 tournaments going on at the moment ... the "last moved" concept seems like it'll fall foul of the same bug-ette as the "next game" selection, which picks based on time from last move instead of time before time control.
  4. Standard member TheMaster37
    14 Sep '04 14:54
    What's wrong with that? It's not polite to keep people waiting :p
  5. 14 Sep '04 17:38
    What's wrong with that ... aside from being aware that I'm stating the obvious, if I have a 1/14 game I would expect to play one move per 1 day. If I have a 21/21 game I can rightly play one move per 3 weeks. My opponent is, of course, free to hope that I'll play faster (and of course I usually will) but if they require me to play faster (or get upset when I don't) then he or she shouldn't have entered into the game with that time control.

    As an alternative to the original thought, perhaps a summary set of counters at the end of the game list would suffice as a stop-gap. Something like "100 games total; 20 your move; 60 their move; 20 game over; can claim win for 5 games; can send move reminder for 10 games".

  6. 14 Sep '04 20:25
    I find that the option to sort by 'nearest to timeout' (click on the 'alert' column heading) works pretty well. It's not obvious that this exists, though, so a lot of people haven't tried it.
  7. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    14 Sep '04 20:27 / 1 edit
    I love the filters. I use the My Move filter and just keep an eye on my rating, if it changes I know someone's either mated me or resigned and so from time to time between moves I flick to My Complete filter and check and archive the games, then set it straight back to My Moves and carry on.

    It's great, I often also filter by My Game and Clan Games so that I can concentrate on my clan games first, I can clear those or I can decide to focus on Tournaments for a bit. It's one of the best most beneficial mods implemented by Russ in the year I've been using this site and I can see nothing wrong with it.