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  1. Standard member ApolloCreed
    Dark Overlord
    14 Jul '05 19:07 / 1 edit
    ...come to think of it, even more important than knowing the time control of my games (without clicking info) is knowing the time and date that my next move is due before my timebank starts getting eaten.

    I'd love to be able to sort by "Move Due Date"!
  2. 14 Jul '05 19:30 / 1 edit
    you can sort by alert. One alert shows you have <24 hr left to move, other show you are using you time bank. This shoud be what you want. So it puts the most urgent up top and the least important. Just click the blue alert in my games. Any of the lists headers can be selected to orginize in a way that fits you, then you can progress down the line doing the most important moves first. for more info on alerts see.

  3. Standard member ApolloCreed
    Dark Overlord
    15 Jul '05 02:39
    Thanks blindcheesecake. This seems to fit the bill!
  4. 15 Jul '05 04:18