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  1. 02 Dec '12 18:10
    Hi, my very sporting opponent has somehow jammed the game preventing me from moving and they have removed their skull preventing me from claiming it for timeout!! ! how can they do this?

    thanks anyone for any assistance

  2. 02 Dec '12 20:05
    A mi me pasa una cosa similar con mi oponente.El agoto su banco de tiempo y la partida no se define a mi favor !? El icono del craneo para reclamar la victoria no existe. Yo gane esa partida ! Que puedo hacer ? Gracias
  3. 02 Dec '12 22:58
    El problema es el icono de la calavera se ha ido, mi oponente de alguna manera ha quitado! así que no puedo ganar por el tiempo de espera y se han reinstalado todo lo que hay banco de tiempo!
  4. 03 Dec '12 00:15
    Is your opponent's vacation flag up (airplane symbol)? If so, there will be no skull.
  5. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    03 Dec '12 02:11
    please see other (duplicated) thread.
  6. Subscriber venda
    03 Dec '12 09:16
    Mammals time is definitely going down in the normal way.
    The skull should appear about Dec 22nd.
    As stated below , if he activates his vacation flag that will add more time before you can finish the game
  7. 03 Dec '12 11:31 / 10 edits
    Thanks guys for the replys..Game 8262040 . No vacation flag! Mammal has already moved,promoting the pawn but they now have a second move!!! Mammal also gave the impression by message they not would lose the game or at least prolong it further to avoid defeat!
    Messaging them will serve no purpose as I'm convinced this is a 'trick' they have performed in order to prevent them losing the game, and while their timebank is depleting It now appears that they have a second move by making the promoted pawn a queen and being allowed to move a second time!!! It should now be my move not theirs!!
  8. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    03 Dec '12 11:52
    While the promotion shows in the moves, it hasn't been completed, and until it does the game will be locked. Recommend that you SEND FEEDBACK to the site owners, because we, your fellow players, can do nothing to help.
  9. 03 Dec '12 11:56
    Many thanks for reply.

    how can a player move to 'lock the game'! is this a flaw in RHP's system?
  10. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    03 Dec '12 12:38
    I don't believe it can be done deliberately. It has happened before, I believe it's a minor bug in the programming. If a player moves a pawn to row 8, then submits the move, a promotion screen is offered to choose queen or another piece. If the player then goes to another game without choosing anything the move is never completed. Other players can't fix it, only the site owner's staff can, so you have to SEND FEEDBACK if you want it fixed.
  11. 03 Dec '12 12:49
    thanks...I did think you couldnt your submit your move until you had chosen the peice for the promoted pawn but its so long since I had a promoted pawn I cant remember.
    But I do think this shouldnt happen, I'm surprised its not more common.