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  1. Standard member elohiym chanan
    under construction
    30 Dec '05 01:10
    Suppose, just suppose mind you that a person loses in the first round of a tournament/s. Let's say this person is in oh…. say a dozen tournaments. How would this hypothetical person delete the tournaments that they are already eliminated from on there “My Tournaments” list?

    Not that this would likely happen in real life, but if they are no longer playing in it, why shouldn’t they be able to remove it from their list?
  2. 01 Jan '06 12:09
    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the tourn
    I had to find the list back
    To the game I was in before
    ’relax,’ said the Knight man,
    We are programmed to receive.
    You can join tournies any time you like,
    But you can never leave!