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  1. 05 Sep '07 16:59
    Has this happened to anyone else? I came to my games list after about a week and was surprised to see a 'game won' against a game I thought I would lose ... I checked and saw that I had won through timing out my opponent, but I did not do this! I couldn't have, there were no skulls on my games list. I message the other player and got a (naturally) aggrieved response - what happened? I know I didn't time him out, but there it was. Hope someone can help.
  2. Standard member Peakite
    05 Sep '07 17:32
    I presume you're talking about the game against tygertyger?

    Clan league game and tournaments both have automatic timeouts which kick in two days after a skull first appears. One of these must have occured here.

    And were you out of vacation allowance as that could have been used to avoid the ones you suffered?
  3. 07 Sep '07 09:40
    Hi Peakite, thanks for your response. It was a game against Banga and that must have been what happened, although it didn't happen with other games as I had a mass of red clocks and they did not automatically time out. Thankfully Banga seems to believe me that I did not do this, which is a relief!