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Help Forum

  1. 17 Jun '01 18:54
    One of my work colleagues signed up today as goldtop and I played
    him 1 game. However the server now won't let him log in but he keeps
    receiving email notifications saying various opponents have moved
    but he is not playing anybody and hasn't requested any games! I
    thought perhaps he had got his password wrong so we tried reguesting
    it to be emailed to him but the server says his email address is not
    registered, so how come he keeps receiving mail from RedHotPawn?!
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    17 Jun '01 22:25
    Your friend entered their email address with a trailing period. (dot)
    It was ''

    I have updated it - and removed the dot. I see quite a few mistyped
    emails in the database - but it would be a big job to fix them all.
    A new enhancement to the site is going to be a confirmation on
    registration of users details. With the email address big and bold for
    people to confirm. 🙂

    That should stop this kind of thing happening.

    All the game moves your friend is recieving are from challenges. For
    some reason, the mail sender didn't care about the extra dot.

  3. 19 Jun '01 13:36
    Thanks for your help.
    I've told him to be more careful in future!
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    19 Jun '01 16:38
    No problem. I'm glad you highlight people's problems - because it
    brings things to our attention - and better that than they give up in