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Help Forum

  1. 05 Jun '04 11:26
    What I'd really like is a stats page giving more info on the individual player.

    Games won against a suprioer rated player
    Games won against a lower ranked player
    Games won in tournaments
    Games won in sieges
    Average draws per won game
    Average draws per lost game

    And the same for lost.. etc. something that tells you more about your opponnent

    Being a SQL-server / SQL admin, I'd loev to help iyt creating some procedures / queries for the purpose.


  2. 05 Jun '04 13:30
    Chuck your results in a spreadsheet. I have. I even have a field where I download all the moves of a game and paste them in one hit. I've included a threshold so I can see how many people I've won, drawn, lost above a particular rating.