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Help Forum

  1. 19 Nov '03 20:58 / 1 edit
    Can I delete my user name and set up a different user name?
  2. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    19 Nov '03 21:20
    previously to new rules of only one account per person people had multiple accounts. now that is punshable by execution so avoid this if you can.

    as far as i know normally you cannot change your user name ever, but some cases must warrant special attention.
  3. Standard member gregoftheweb
    The Great Gonzo
    21 Nov '03 17:34
    I've know someone who had their username changed, but I believe you have to contact Russ directly for that and it has to be a special case, and you have to fill out a form in triplicate, feed one copy to the bugblatter beast of traal, bury another in peat moss for six months to a year and lose the third, before you can get consideration for the mearest possibility of the chance of getting your name changed.
  4. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    21 Nov '03 18:48 / 1 edit
    Seriously, the only way it might be done is by sending Russ a message. The sooner the better, before you complete any more games. Explain your reason.

    The worst thing that will happen is he might say no. But then, maybe he will do it. So just ask him and see what happens.🙂