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  1. 17 Mar '05 22:59
    i just joined few minutes ago. and atm, i have 2 people who is not responding. i don't like to wait๐Ÿ™‚, anyways, i made a move, but he has not. if i delete, does that mean i lost the game?
  2. 17 Mar '05 23:12
    No ,2 complete moves have to be made.
  3. 17 Mar '05 23:18
    ok, thanks
  4. Standard member Toe
    17 Mar '05 23:25 / 2 edits
    correspondance chess is a LOT slower than real-time chess: never expect anyone to make a move in a few minutes. One move a day is more common, longer for others.
    If you want to play fast real-time style chess, try the uChess site: there's a link to it below.
    Or do both: why not after all? ๐Ÿ™‚