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  1. 10 Sep '11 22:08
    I searched FAQ and just tried experimenting but no luck...

    1) how can I change the amount of time my friend and I are alotted for each move? Seems to have defaulted to 3 days - would like more.

    2) I can't figure out what I'm sure is simple... how can I come onto the site and simply see the current board of my game? I see the game ID info, but don't know how to click the board up.

    Thanks in advance - Don
  2. 10 Sep '11 22:19
    You can't change it when the game has started. Delete this game (the trash can icon) and start a new one with your preferred time controls.
  3. Subscriber invigorate
    Only 1 F in Uckfield
    10 Sep '11 22:19
    Hi Disco,

    When setting the game you also set the time parameters. You can change the "Timeout" and "Timebank" settings then.

    Click my games - Then on status, 3rd column, eg OPPONENTS MOVE and that will bring up that game.

    Hope this helps
  4. 10 Sep '11 22:59
    Thank you both for the help. I just signed up today and wasn't given the option of the time settings when I used a window to "invite a friend" to play a game. I also think that because my friend hasn't registered here yet, there is no "status" to click on in that game to view that board. I did see what you were talking about though, as I was invited or challenged by 2 other people to play and can see the "opponents move" icon by which I can then go to the board.

    This brings up another question. I'm only interested in playing a game with my friend at this time. How do I politely decline invites or challenges that just show up under "my games"

    Thanks again
  5. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    10 Sep '11 23:46
    Go to My Settings, My Challenge Settings, and set your maximum games number to zero or one. Once your friend has signed up, both of you should add the other to your buddy list and tick the "buddy override" box on that page as well. Then you and your friend can challenge each other without anyone else being able to.