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  1. Subscriber KingDavid403
    King David
    28 Jul '05 18:39
    I have 2 clan games with a 3 day timeout and 7 day timebank! one hasnt move for 5 days and the other 4! and yet there green light is one everyday moving on other games! and no time is comming off there timebanks! and we are well into the games! why is this? who do i talk to to have the time come off there timebanks? thankyou! David
  2. 28 Jul '05 18:49
    I suggest you post a link to the games concerned, and ensure that the last move was made by you , and that it is now indeed at least 3 days since that move was made.

    Perhaps it would be worthwhile in sending a message to your opponents, making them aware of the problem.

    I have not frequented this site for long, so I am not sure whether a vacation flag, if used, serves to prevent the timebank from depleting.

  3. 28 Jul '05 19:47
    Indeed, after 3 days of not moving (in your case), the timebank should be counting down. I never experienced problems with it.
    You might want to report this to the site admin (Send Feedback on the Help menu).