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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Toe
    11 Aug '04 09:53
    As we all know, RHP is a very international lot.

    For those who speak other languages, it seems to me that the forums are very english-centric. Perhaps if those who spoke other languages had an easier time identifying which threads they could understand and respond to, they would be more inclined to become active posters.

    So down to the random idea.

    Rather than the present small dot at the start of the thread title, consider a flag indicating the thread language (perhaps keep the dot for english, as do we mean US or UK?, and a lot of flags would hide the likely small number of non-english flags/threads. We could revise that if the number of non-english threads took off).

    Then when the thread is created, add a field hread language, default english, so that the thread creator can specify what language they are going to use.
  2. Standard member RVGOD
    Leader Tai Pans
    12 Aug '04 01:33
    Pues I donno es espaniol or rap english
  3. Standard member tlai1992
    Retired knight
    12 Aug '04 01:41
    Originally posted by RVGOD
    Pues I donno es espaniol or rap english
    you only know espanol no english?
  4. Standard member Toe
    12 Aug '04 14:16
    There may be a interest problem here caused by the english-centric forums themselves. How many non-english speakers are likely to drop by the help forums, read an english thread and reply?

    Or it may just be a bad idea...