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  1. 16 Dec '13 17:21
    I got a new game challenge request, but am not getting emailed for each move by my opponent, despite My Settings saying that I should (both boxes ticked). This used to work for me, have checked junk mail etc. Help!
  2. 18 Dec '13 20:41
    The best thing, perhaps, is to tell the Operator of this site. I used to get e-mails, but mine quit coming, apparently, because Yahoo mail thought I was getting too many messages from this site and barred me getting mail from here. I might "talk" to Yahoo and Redhotpawn sometime about it, but have not yet got them to fix my situation. Sometime after that first happened, I saw a message on the website here telling me that Yahoo was blocking my e-mails from here. Could that possibly be what has happened to you?

  3. 18 Dec '13 21:03
    I really don't know. I am still getting them occasionally but mostly not. I am with 1&1 for email and do not have any virus blocking on the account. I am not aware of any other source of emails that has intermittent problems (or any problems receiving), very strange.
  4. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    19 Dec '13 00:34
    Can't help with the email problem. If you're using Firefox there's a script available that displays your "games waiting" number even when you're on a web page that isn't anything to do with the Redhotpawn site. Script may also run on Chrome but doesn't work on IE.
  5. 08 Jan '14 00:04
    I am not receiving emails on 2 of my current games, but am receiving them on the others.
  6. 08 Jan '14 12:53
    I got an auto-generated email a while back saying that my current ISP (AoL) was effectively blocking RHP move-advice emails, presumably due to the sheer number of emails (concurrent with number of games as a Subscriber) I was then receiving. I've personally never played more than 15 games simultaneously, but I can imagine players with tens of games on the go would cause the ISPs a bit of a headache capacity-wise!

    In hindsight I'm not sure the emails made a huge difference to me if I'm honest, even when I was limited to six games as a non-Subscriber. The little white Knight in the games header summary shows the number of 'games waiting' - isn't that enough without having to receive a separate email each time your opponent makes a move?