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Help Forum

  1. 02 Jan '03 23:59
    Russ and Chris,

    Is there anyway that the personal notebook could be made visible when it is not your move? I sometimes go through my games when no one is moving and may have an idea, but I can find no way to get to the notebook when its my oppenents move. Anyone else help me out with an idea? Looking at my record, you see I need all the help I can get!

    Love the site. Thanks for all your good work.

  2. 03 Jan '03 04:00
    Odie, I'm fairly certain that it's not possible to do it at the moment. It has been raised and asked for before (by Luck and others I believe). Usually if demand is high enough and the amount of time required to bring about the change is not too massive then Chris and Russ are willing to bring it about. That attitude of the site creators is arguably the best thing about the site!

  3. 03 Jan '03 04:32

    Thanks for the info. I try and keep up with the forums, but must have missed that one. I need to learn to make my notes when it's my turn!

  4. Standard member paulisfree2b
    03 Jan '03 08:34
    It would also be useful if you could have comments per move, in the notebook, so as to be able to work through your train of thought throughout the game....