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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 02 Nov '05 10:59
    Can someone tell me why posters to the forums are looking to get as many recs or recommendations as they can? What happens if you get lots of them? Seems to be a good thing but I can't work out why!

  2. 02 Nov '05 11:56
    It is said many times before, but once again: recs are useless. It doesn't change anything if you have 0, 1 or 100000 of them.
  3. 02 Nov '05 11:57
    Here, there is one for you, feel a difference?
  4. Standard member Chakan
    02 Nov '05 11:59
    Now that you have one. Don't you want more?
  5. 02 Nov '05 14:45
    Thanks for the clarification. So all they do is massage egos then.
  6. Subscriber Ponderable
    02 Nov '05 15:25
    In fact the mechansim should point people to the best postings via the recommended butten in the thread menue. However the mechanism is perverted insofar as the most acidic comments are rec'ed mostly.

    Another good idea down the drain...