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Help Forum

  1. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    09 Apr '02 12:27
    I am playing a guy who has a clearly lost position and he just keeps
    offering a draw instead of making any moves. Will he be timed out
    eventually (I note that the move record keeps updating) or am I stuck
    with him?
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    09 Apr '02 12:49
    I recently sent in a feedback concerning this program bug, and offered
    a possible solution.

    I have no idea if it can be fixed, or if and when it will be done.

    It's been a problem for quite a while, and I thought it had been fixed
    as nobody had mentioned it for quite a while.

    I don't believe you will time out as long as you keep declining the
    offer, but it does get tiresome, doesn't it.

    You could post the name of your opponent, so in future the rest of us
    can boycott this person.
  3. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    09 Apr '02 13:31
    Their name has already been guessed - see above. I must admit I
    find it fairly pathetic behaviour but what can you do? Some people
    just have no idea about fair play.
  4. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    09 Apr '02 13:40
    Very true.

    Fortunately the majority of people who play here have a decent sense
    of sportsmanship!

    I've been playing here for quite a while and have seen that
    the 'losers' such as the one you're currently dealing with do not stay
    around for very long, especially when everyone starts boycotting them.
  5. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    09 Apr '02 12:56
    Let me guess. Is it your game against a certain....R Kelly?
    Not that I should judge based on past behavior.

  6. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    09 Apr '02 13:32
    How could you guess???
  7. 10 Apr '02 02:52
    It is his well known modus operandum. I patiently declined his many
    draw offers day... he had a long weekend or something and
    forgot to move before his timeout expiration (just as predicted from
    advanced scientific models of nitwit behavior). While I normally don't
    worry about timeouts, in this case I pounced immediately and claimed

    This is a small flaw in RHP paradise that needs to be corrected. I
    reported it to our beloved sysops Chrismo & Russ.It might be helpful
    if you also posted this problem to them - I don't know how diligently
    they read the forums.

    Good luck! Well, except in your game against me 🙂. Alas, I fear that I
    shall not recover from that blundering pawn attack against your
    queen. Doh!
  8. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    10 Apr '02 13:44
    Thank you that is very kind. At the moment I have to stomach a load
    of abuse with every instance of a draw being offered but I would rather
    wait than give in and accept.
  9. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    15 Apr '02 21:11
    Got him!!!
  10. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    15 Apr '02 22:07
  11. 05 May '02 20:38
    I am afraid we have a new person insisting on offering a draw in a
    lost position - Andy Webb, the charade continues despite sending him
    analysis that shows he has lost.

    I am only glad I did not pay money for this site, because until this
    problem is sorted out, the unsportmanslike behaviour of a few will
    spoil it for the rest of us.

    I for one will not start any new games until the problem is resolved,
    the are other site to play on - which is a shame to leave a good site. I
    have met many players and have to say I have never experienced
    this type of mindless behaviour before.

    Give us a noplay option then I can play knowing that I will not play
    this guy again. Should I receive another challenge from him, I have
    the option to delete the request and WILL exercise it
  12. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    05 May '02 23:43
    Sorry to hear you've been bitten by another rat in the house.
    Brings the list to three I have heard about:

    R Kelly
    Khalid (makes me sad I welcomed him when he joined the site)
    Andy Webb.

    I agree; if this ever becomes a forced-pay site, this bug better be
    fixed. However I'd say quiting the site is a bit harsh right now, haven't
    you had a number of pleasant games - why let one jackass spoil that
    for you? And for (currently) free sites, this one is pretty dang good.

    It would be nice if Russ and Chris fixed this problem. It's probably the
    most complained about bug on the site. It wouldn't seem to be such a
    terribly difficult thing to fix - "offer draw" is a subset of "move", not a
    seperate function.

    For your information,one cannot even properly offer a draw even if one
    wants to- I've tried to both move and make a draw and only the draw
    offer registers. Again, the system just doesn't work as it should.
  13. 06 May '02 01:28
    You're right of course quitting the site because of one abuser is a bit
    harsh, perhaps this free publicity may change his behaviour, or if not
    anyone playing him will have had sufficient warning of his intended
    behaviour should he be losing the game
  14. 16 Apr '02 18:45
    Because of a timeout or because the draw offer & stall problem has
    been corrected?

    Congrats either way.
  15. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    20 Apr '02 11:36
    Timeout I am afraid but as long as I dont have to play him I am