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Help Forum

  1. Standard member orfeo
    Missing 285 + 1
    04 Apr '05 01:40
    Russ or anyone else in the know:

    Is there ANY way of retrieving e-mails after they get deleted from my account (after one month).

    I know I can get them e-mailed to me as they're deleted, but I haven't been doing that. I didn't think I would ever want them. But now all of a sudden I discover that I would VERY much like to retrieve one from nearly 3 months ago.

    If there is ANY way it can be done, even as a one-off favour, I would be eternally grateful.
  2. Standard member orfeo
    Missing 285 + 1
    06 Apr '05 07:14
  3. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    06 Apr '05 11:53
    E-mails? you mean those private messages?
    In case you are referring to private messages in your inbox, I think the deleted ones are lost forever. But I think Russ probably keeps some back-up of RHP, and if you are lucky he has got an old back-up somewhere, and if it is easy accessable and if he is willing to retrieve a particularly message for you it might be done. Lots of ifs though...
  4. Standard member orfeo
    Missing 285 + 1
    06 Apr '05 12:59
    Sorry, yes, the private messages. I got in the habit of calling them e-mails because they appear in an Inbox.

    I might try contacting Russ directly...