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  1. 04 Oct '17 17:51
    Hi. A few years ago I had 2 games going, one with "lord capone" and the other with a guy whose real name I remember but I don't recall his RHP name. I haven't logged in for a few years but now I'm back (yay) I can't see those 2 unfinished games. I only see the games I finished.
    HOWEVER... while surfing around the website I did at one point see a link saying something like "2 ongoing games" but I clicked something else and now I can't find that link again.
    I'd really appreciate any help on finding my missing incomplete games.
    Thanks v m.
    davakov (David)
  2. 04 Oct '17 20:52
    Yes, it shows you have 3 games in progress, but only lists 1 game under 'view games'.

    I think at some point RHP did some housekeeping on long ago games and forum posts and deleted them. User QP will show up soon with the full answer.
  3. 04 Oct '17 21:12
    Your opponent, lord capone shows two games in progress, but no games are shown for him when clicking on 'view games'.
    My guess (and it is no more than that) is that any ongoing games in which neither player had moved for a considerable length of time got deleted as part of a clean-up, but the stats for 'games in progress' never got updated.
    If so, I don't know how you would be able to find those missing incomplete games.
  4. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    05 Oct '17 00:45 / 2 edits
    There have been at least 2 occasions when the database has been cleared of games which have been left undisturbed for at least 2 years. Russ announces these events in advance.
    Thread 173201
    Thread 171914