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  1. 22 Jan '03 22:08
    I don't know much about computers, but isn't it possible when I'm playing a game online, with my opponent online as well, for the opponent to see my move when I make it, and vice versa. This way the online games will feel more like a real chessgame, not having to refresh all the time either here or at my e-mail.
    The e-mail system works fine, with only one player online at a time.
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    22 Jan '03 22:17 / 1 edit
    Since this is a correspondence chess site, what you have now is about as good as it will get (with you and your opponent both logged on and having to hit the refresh button.)

    However, Russ is working on getting a seperate live game program put together, but that project is temporarily on hold. There is a seperate forum here for that subject. (see RHP live)

    Hope that helps,

    regards, Marc
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    23 Jan '03 12:44
    I will soon shift my efforts back to RHP Live, as the site has had my exclusive attention for many months now (I was only meant to stop developing RHP Live for 3 weeks!!!) Still plenty of things to do first though.

  4. 23 Jan '03 15:23
    If you want kylle, try You can play live opponents, alyhough the slant is towards faster games. Its 40 bucks a year, but it is live🙂
  5. 23 Jan '03 19:24
    Or, if you want live chess online for free, try fics ( (Btw, I hope advertising other chess sites is allowed here (, or at least not so big crime 😉 (by advertising I mean just posts like this))
  6. 25 Jan '03 23:35
    Thanks all.
    It's great to see how good this site works. Fast feedback on questions and suggestions, and helpfull co-players.