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  1. 07 Nov '07 03:38

    I noticed a curious thing with the clock in open invites before an opponent has joined. Here is the scenario:

    1. I create a new open invite and specify random colors.

    2. The system selects white for me.

    3. My clock starts counting down even though an opponent has not yet joined the game.

    This would have been ok if I am allowed to make my move before anyone has joined. But the system does not allow me to make a mov either.

    So essentially, until an opponent joins, I can't make a move, but my clock keeps counting down.

    Does anyone know why it works this way?

  2. Standard member Lukerik
    Stick your hands up
    07 Nov '07 14:35
    Someone may correct me on this point but it might be part of the system used to clear out open invites that no-one wants. I've picked up invites before where the creators timebank was ticking away. It turns out they've created the invite and then left the site. I think the invites disappear when the time runs out. I think the time is ticking on games where you're black but it doesn't show. As long you don't go into your timebank you're not inconvenienced.