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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 22 Jul '04 23:22
    One of the things I was looking for was a place where I could try my openings without revealing my identity. I am happy that there are no trails of my whereabouts and a way for other players to study my game.

    Red hot pawn's interface is pretty slick. The way the games are stored, the fact that I don't have to mess with pgn files, and above all, the friendly community makes me want to stay here forever.

    Good job from the people here...

  2. Standard member Coletti
    W.P. Extraordinaire
    23 Jul '04 01:31
    Welcome to the site. Always glad to see new players. Hope you deside to stay. If you do, you will soon see the subscribing is worth it. Be a star player! 🙂