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  1. Donation Xenophile
    The Jonster
    12 Jun '02 10:17
    I'm curious as to why one would wish to promote a pawn to a bishop or
    a rook. It's obvious why in some instances a knight would be desired,
    but is there any reason not to promote to queen in every other
  2. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    12 Jun '02 16:11
    If promoting the pawn to a Queen would create a stalemate would be
    one situation.

  3. 12 Jun '02 16:20
    conservation of power - some player might think If I can end this with
    a Rook or Bishop I will show more flair/expertiese than with a queen.
    AKA if I can kill my opponent with a Rifle instead of a Nuke in the
    same # of moves, which is more elegant?
  4. 12 Jun '02 16:25
    Where promotion to Queen might cause a stalemate but promotion to
    a rook, for example, avoid the stalemate and provide enough
    material to win the game.
    Try something like Black B on f6,Black K on f4, Black P on g2 and
    White K on h3 with black to move.
    8/8/5b2/8/5k2/7K/6p1/8 b - - 0 1
    Granted, the mate is actually shorter without an immediate promotion
    but for those who cannot visualize 4 or more moves ahead, the
    promotion is more intuitive.
  5. 12 Jun '02 23:24
    chessterbation - If you can mate your opponent by the actual promotion of the pawn, then it always
    looks cool to do it with just a bishop or something - It also leaves the other player going grrrrrr....!