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  1. 15 Feb '04 20:10

    I've posted on this before, but thought I'd mention it again:

    There is an error in the PGN notation generated by the Game History page. The official way to represent castling, according to the PGN specification, is O-O or O-O-O, using upper-case O's. However the PGN the site generates uses lower-case o's, which is sufficient to break many game-engine parsers. I think this would probably be an easy fix; any chance of correcting it?

    Thanks, MP
  2. Standard member thire
    16 Feb '04 09:06
    Hi AntoniusBlock,
    Chris made a big bugfix og the pgn output yesterday. This and many other things have been fixed. It's almost perfect now (just linelength is not, the star is missing at the end), so evry pgn-parser should come along with it. Chris' anoucement:

    RolandYoung made JavaScript tool to generate correct pgn from (old) RHP pgn. This should be obsolete now. Read more at: