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Help Forum

  1. 03 Apr '04 23:06
    Hi Russ

    Would it be possible to add player ratings to the clan challenge form so that you can view what match-up your fellow clan members have without having to view the games?


  2. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    04 Apr '04 10:32 / 1 edit
    I would find this useful - I would also like to see a summary of the challenges so far next to them so I don't have to drill into them.

    Something like this would do:

    Lard for all Occasions(2) vs London Calling(1) (3 days 7 days) (5 members) (3/10 games complete)

    Here you can see how many games are finished, how many to play, the timeout details, number of players and who's winnnig at a glance. The brackets are just for clarity in the post, I am sure you can make it look prettier.
  3. 04 Apr '04 15:55
    I`ve asked for this on numerous times, but nothing ever happend. Maybe we should spam Russ 😉
  4. 06 Apr '04 09:40
    I have also emailed Russ directly and it is something he is looking into. It would certainly help when settign up clan matches and he does realise that.

    This is what he replied to me on the 26th March 2004.

    When I designed it, the idea was that there was the option for a bit of trickery, as you never knew in which order your opposing clan leader was going to pick his players. As I have seen people falling out over this kind of thing, I guess my original design was a bit flawed. But it is fixable. I will do all the clan related fixes when I get on to the clan leagues work (next month).

    So don't Spam him as I feel he is on top of most things.



    p.s. Here's to a Chelsea victory over Arsenal tonight. Now that would make my year.