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Help Forum

  1. 23 Aug '10 17:34
    I have no idea how to use this site.
    I am a new member. I'm also on could someone please help me with these questions.

    1. How do I start a game?
    2. How do I close my account if I want to in the future?
    3. How do I block a user?

    Thanks for your help,
  2. 23 Aug '10 18:01
    To start a game go to Open Invites and pick a game.
  3. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    23 Aug '10 19:59 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by lundybishop
    To start a game go to Open Invites and pick a game.
    Look at the open invites link at the top of the page underneath My settings, click it and you see a bunch of games. They are all rated so some of them you can't get into because your rating is too low, but there are a few around 1200, one at the bottom of the list rated around 800. Click on the highlighted blue line to the far right of that page, if it says "Accept Game Offer" click on it and away you go.

    Be sure to look at the time limits where it says 'Timeout' and "Timebank'. Those say how many days you have to make a move and then how much time you have in reserve. 3 and 7 is the usual, three days to make each move and 7 days grace period. So if you take 10 days in that situation to make a move the other player gets to see a skull next to his games list and if he clicks it you lose due to time. But 3 days is a lot of time to make a move.

    There is a blitz site here also where you get 2,3,5 or more minutes for the game plus some seconds of grace period if you want, a 10 second extension for instance so you get 10 seconds extra before the clock counts down.

    So that should get you started. Welcome to Red Hot Pawn! Good luck in your games.
    If you want, you can challenge me if you don't like what you see in the open invites link.
  4. 23 Aug '10 23:05
    1. Open invites as mentioned above. Also in the command bar above use "New Game" if you want to send a new game invite to another player.

    2. Accounts are never deleted, they exist forever here. 🙂

    3. Under "My Home" in the command bar above use "My Ignore List"

    Also under "Help", read the FAQ. Also know what en passent, pawn promotion, and castling are all about. You would be surprised how many people don't. 🙂

    Click on my screen name (Monty Moose) and select the option "Message MM" if I can be of more help.