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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 06 May '12 18:59
    Hi there,

    I purchased a period of membership, which we're all calling a subscription, from RHP. This is now expiring, and I intend to purchase another.

    Why has RHP tried to charge my account TWICE to renew this subscription? Each attempt was done without warning and was summarily declined. So far this practice has cost me twice in bank charges - ironically, enough to purchase another RHP subscription.

    Please desist from further charges to my account until I have indicated that I wish to be so charged. If I 'ticked' some box somewhere to indicate that I wish to auto-renew, please untick it for me - i see no way of doing so.

    I would personally be more comfortable if you didn't have my payment details on record. Is this possible?

    I won't be so crass as to ask you to cover my bank charges, but may I suggest that an email indicating that my subscription is expiring, perhaps with a link to a renew page, would be more appropriate than charging the unsuspecting. It might allow me to spend my money on RHP rather than mysterious Banking red-tape!


  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    06 May '12 22:52
    You need to SEND FEEDBACK (link at the bottom of every page) and choose the Subscription option, to get a prompt response. Most of the people who read the Help Forum are other players, not management.
  3. 07 May '12 16:57
    Thank you, I've sent the request and recommended an email reminder is sent in future.