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  1. 21 Dec '04 00:16
    I am not able to make moves. it seems like the touch screen system that pocket pc's use dont recognize the chess board moves. also the whole board dont fit on the screen, even on the smallest setting. i have to scoll up and down to see it. does any one know how to fix these problems. maybe with some software or changing a setting? thank you
  2. Standard member thire
    21 Dec '04 01:42
    you can change the boardsize via "myBoardsettings".
    Russ works on a version of RHP for PDAs, so you could have luck with your pocket pc...
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Dec '04 09:34
    Not long now to wait for a micro edition of the site. It is my next project.

  4. 21 Dec '04 21:39
    its on the smallest board setting and its still to big. Russ, will the program make the board fit, and also make moves.? also how long till its ready. also gameknot's board will fit on the screen, what are they doing that we are not. thanks for your help.
  5. Standard member thire
    22 Dec '04 22:10
    read "the original thread" at