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  1. 24 Feb '04 00:30
    periodically i get an odd situation to occur.
    here is the situation:
    1. i have a game started(at least one move)
    2. i make a move
    3. RHC moves to my next game
    A. I move there
    B. repeat step 3 for one or more distinct games
    4. I return to game at step 2
    A. my move is not registered
    B. i can now make the same move or a different move
    C. game refreshes to move i made at step two, but
    has added in my opponets move.
    Question? why does this occur?
  2. Standard member godzillion
    27 Feb '04 04:55
    Any chance that your browser is displaying a cached page the 2nd time you visit the game? Browser caching drives me nuts. In internet explorer, you can turn off caching completely by doing:

    1) on the menu bar, choose Tools -> Internet Options
    2) Under "Temporary Internet Files" click the "Settings" button.
    3) Select "Every Visit to the page" from the radio buttons for "Check for newer versions of stored pages".

    RHP admins, IE caches pages based on the URL (including the cgi params), and no amount of setting cache-control headers or meta tags seems to keep it from doing so if it is not configured to check for a newer version of the page on "every visit to the page". One thing that will work around this problem is to include a random number in the URL string of a page which you want to guarantee is never viewed from a cache, e.g.:

  3. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    27 Feb '04 04:56
    hit refresh rather than making another move. Give it a try.

  4. 27 Feb '04 05:22
    i am most certain that i can make a different move, but will check what you say. I just resigned a game against bunker polak, and went from 1130 to 1114. The game is now up again and i will attempt to make a different move occur. I also tried to print screen to save it but this would be useless without the original.
    just trying to help you guys.
    love the site..
  5. 27 Feb '04 05:27
    my refresh rate was set low, I set it to refresh every visit to the page..
    this is probably the error..
    wow, you helped me feel better and dumb at the same
  6. Standard member thire
    27 Feb '04 08:15
    what browser/OS combination R U using?
    (this makes it easier for Russ to help you)