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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member zach918
    05 Feb '03 22:22
    I think that pawn stars shouldn't have a 500 character limit when making their profile. It should be a special feature included with the rest of the package. Just an idea for those of us who have problems saying everything we want to in 500 characters.
  2. Standard member royalchicken
    05 Feb '03 23:34
    When you come up with something substantial enough (this only goes for what I gather from your posts) for 500+ caracters, i'm sure Russ and Chris will be happy to oblige you 😉. (just kidding-I'll suffer for that in our game.)
  3. Standard member zach918
    06 Feb '03 13:53
    Originally posted by royalchicken
    -I'll suffer for that in our game.
    maybe, maybe not. just depends on the next move you make 🙂