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  1. Standard member thire
    07 Mar '03 19:38 / 1 edit
    I personaly play most of my games against people I knew before I joined RHP. But there is something called open invites and this is nice: when you want to play chess, you'll find someone somewhere on the globe who's willing to play with you! So why not make this more popular (well known) and easy?

    The open invites could have something like a marketplace function: it just (or not JUST) matches people! So if there is someone waiting for a game and you are looking for someone: the game is actually generated automaticaly!
    To improve the system there should be for example also a filter for rated and not rated games: when you play someone you absolutly don't know it is perhaps better to play first an unrated game...
    You can restrict the open invites with serveral filters, but then make it very easy and popular to invite someone. An idea would be du exclude my freids (=Buddies) from all these filterrestrictions I set.
    In many profiles I can read don't hesitate to challange me.... Okay, these people don't know about the open invites or they don't trust in it.
    But we can change this! Let's think and discuss some ideas about this together!
  2. Donation legionnaire
    Free Thinker
    07 Mar '03 19:44
    The only concern, I think, is the occasional program user. If you automatically get matched up with someone, you could end up playing against a machine without knowing it, and not be able to delete the game until it's too late. That's my only reservation with playing open invites, I still make them occasionally, and have usually been fortunate, but you never know.