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  1. Standard member thire
    05 Mar '03 11:55 / 1 edit
    many people use the site to play and imporve their chess. One way to do so is analyse games. I can analyse mine (a better export in pgn or even a game report in pdf would be great) or others' games (public games).
    It would be nice to improve the public games page: offer some more seach cretiria!
    I want to find all games of XXX against players rated higher then 1500 in the last 3 month, where XXX played black and won. then I want l list (descending by date and not game nb) of all XXX's games in progress with more then 10 moves where he plays white...

    On an other chess correnspondence site the "MyHome"-concept is much more open: I can vistit everybodies' homepage and see everything he sees (exept his game notes).
    I am interested in the games my friends play here. this would be an easy way to detect them all & easily! 😏 But the way the "public games" does it is also quite nice (with some improvements). 🙂