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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 27 Aug '10 16:46
    Ok. How does one promote a pawn to a Queen when one has reached the eigth rank? (It would be a good idea to put this in the FAQs) in this interface?
  2. 27 Aug '10 16:47
    Never mind! I oopsed. I was in check. Duh.
  3. 27 Aug '10 21:00
    In case you still need it, when you move the pawn to the 8th rank and click "submit move", a screen comes up with the usual Kt-B-R-Q selection and you pick the piece you wish the pawn to promote to.
  4. 28 Aug '10 07:13
    This mvoe is very intuitive. Move the pawn to the 8th rank, and submit it, and you will realize what to do. FAQ is not really needed for this kind of move.

    Same goes for castling and en passant and such. Very intuitive.