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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 09 Apr '05 01:09
    what happens if a game is going really slow and i delete it after 3 moves?
  2. 09 Apr '05 01:28
    I dont think this site is ment for fast games minimum time control is 1day timeout I think you need to accept that fact and use it to your advantage, or maybe site op would like to add a 1hour time control. I think that would be solution your problem. I posted here few days ago because I kept creating games and was deleted, whenever I create a game I refresh roughly every ten minutes, when I created two games which was both deleted by same person within minutes of each other I naturally thought somebody was being narsty and posted here. but as things stand I dont think nothing will happen if you delete a game because there not upto your speed.
  3. 09 Apr '05 01:30
    ok, thanks dude
  4. 09 Apr '05 01:45
    there probably consulting their opening books and databases give erm chance dude 😉