1. SubscriberMarinkatomb
    18 Feb '04
    01 Mar '04 06:14
    Hello all,

    I have been playing on another (inferior) site which i won't mention. They have a really good awards scheme running which is connected to their ratings table.

    There are two main awards;

    -Highest player award (every player reaching the top of the ratings chart has gets award )

    -Bravery award (every player that starts 10 matches at once and wins them all gets this)

    I think these kind of awards give players insentives to do well. Off the top of my head i can think of a couple more that would be quite fun.

    -Longest winning streak (this would be an award that is passed around, it would also highlight most of the computer cheats on the site)

    -Most active award (speaks for itself)

    Does anyone think, like me, that this would be most cool?? Any ideas for different awards??

    Developers- What say u??
  2. Standard memberSirLoseALot
    Shut Gorohoviy!
    19 May '03
    01 Mar '04 10:05
    We have MAP(most active player).We have player tables(highest-lowest).

    I like the bravery award and winning streak ideas.