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  1. 13 Jan '03 09:01
    I read how the ratings are calculated. One question I still have is WHEN does the calculation take place? When the game starts or ends?

    If a 2 players start a game one is 1300, and the other 1400, and by the time the game ends over the course of days, the 1300 player is 1440 and the 1400 player is now down to 1350.

    So at the challenge the 1300 point player would get a nice bump if they win, but by the end of the game if it does the calc then, they don't get as big a bump as they did when they challenged the player.

    So when does it happen? I'm assuming at the completion of a game.

    Does the system show you anywhere how much you will win/lose rating points when you play a game?
  2. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    13 Jan '03 09:19 / 2 edits
    You are quite right - the re-calculation is based upon the two players' respective ratings at the end of the game.

    The greater the difference between the two ratings the more the loser loses and the more the winner gains. Up to maximum of around 30 points.

    You can't know at the beginning of the game because for that you would have to predict both future ratings.

    Draws are the same - but with less movement in ratings.