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  1. 02 Oct '11 08:32
    Most comments about ratings "irregularities" seem to concern Provisional ratings. I have been unable to find any comments about why a rating can increase for a loss for fully rated players. Hence my question: How is it that, when I recently lost to a player rated 90 points below me, my rating then increased by ten points and my Ratings Profile graph went up a step?
    Thanks 😳
  2. 02 Oct '11 11:53
    You're reading your graph wrong. You went up 10 points on the last game you won, the last game you lost you lost 20 points.
  3. 02 Oct '11 20:09
    Thanks for replying, Trev.
    Perhaps I am somehow misreading the Rating Profile, but I cannot see how. It looks to me as if the game in question, which concluded on 29 Sept. which is the last column, shows a rise of ten points from the previous level. Cheers.
  4. 02 Oct '11 21:08
    It does because your last game was a win which picked up 10 points, when you complete your next game it'll show the graph going down by 20. If you hover over the green line it shows the stats when the game was about to end, not the new ratings... you're new rating (minus 20 points from the last game) will be shown after your next completed match.
  5. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    02 Oct '11 22:25
    This has always confused me too - thanks for the explanation Trev. 🙂