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Help Forum

  1. Standard member thebonemaster
    19 Apr '04 17:18
    Don't want to bitch, but I just won a game and my rating went down - any idea why?😕
  2. Standard member tejo
    a unique loser
    19 Apr '04 17:46
    When you haven't finished your first 20 games, your rating is provisional. Provisional ratings are calculated this way:
    If you win, you will get the rating of the other player plus 400 points (if the other player is also provisional, it is 200)
    If you draw, you will get the rating of the other player
    If you lose, you will get the rating of the other player minus 400 points ( 200 if the other one is also provisional).
    your rating is calculated as the mean of your total points earned by playing a game.
    An example: you win first match against player rated 1400
    Second you lose against player rated: 1000
    The you win from a player rated p 1200
    And then you draw 2 games against a player rated 1300
    your rating will be: 1400 + 400 + 1000 - 400 + 1200 + 200 + 1300 + 1300= 6400.
    you played 5 games, so your new rating will be p 1280. Then if you win your next game from a player with rating p 800, your rating will be (6400 + 800 + 200)/6=p 1233, so your rating decreased.
    I hope I explained it well. You can also read the FAQ of the help. It is also explained there and you can see how ratings are calculated if you are no provisional anymore.
  3. Standard member thebonemaster
    20 Apr '04 08:15
    Thanks Tejo, a great explanation that makes it much clearer to me now.😀