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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    20 Jun '04 18:48 / 1 edit
    A few things which I can remember off the top of my head fixed today :

    - 'My Tournaments' paging (finally 😳 ) fixed.
    - Search filters on the player directory fixed.
    - The public games search now has the option of searching unfinished games.

    The public games page will probably be renamed in the future though, as private games are no longer available as from today.

    Oh, and the changes to the siege page are in preparation for a large increase in the number of siege boards available.


    edit : And there is a flag index off the help pages now. Many flags are missing still, but I will fill the holes when I have a spare few hours.
  2. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    20 Jun '04 20:48
    I find all the new releases great.
    Regarding the ''My tournaments'' page it would be good to archive finished tournys,or tournys where player is no more involved(e.g. didn't go to round 2).
    The way it is now finished tournaments are gonna stay forever in ''My tournaments'' page;however this is a detail,evrything here is great and,no butt kissing,this site made me start to play chess because I don't know anyone to play live in my city,again thanks.
  3. Standard member Tarpey
    Wizzard Lv.3
    20 Jun '04 22:52
    Nice work, the new release is very slick.. keep up the good work Russ!
  4. Standard member thire
    23 Jun '04 14:41
    I like the filters, but there is no filter for set piece games.