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Help Forum

  1. 08 Oct '01 00:39
    I have just had 4 reminder icons appear, I duly clicked on them and
    the message received was that a reminder had been sent to my
    opponent, why when I return to the "your games list" are two of the
    reminder icons still showing ?
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    08 Oct '01 02:28
    I also have experienced the same problem from time to time, and I
    suspect what is happening is your opponent has registered on this site
    with an invalid e-mail address. When the reminder is sent, it fails to
    reach a valid address so is bounced, and the icon reappears. Maybe
    Chrismo or Ruzz can check this theory, or otherwise explain it.

    regards, Marc Miller
  3. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    11 Oct '01 02:12
    Strange - we don't check for invalid email addresses, but we'll look
    into this ASAP.