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Help Forum

  1. 22 Sep '04 10:07 / 1 edit
    Hey Russ,

    I think changing tournament victories to tournament results would be a valuable modification.

    I'de like to look at a persons profile and see how they went in previous tournaments. Perhaps with some options to order the results by how far they progressed (what round) or the start date ..

    Besides .. Tournament victories is a bit elitist. 🙂 And so many people (me included) may never have anything in there.

    My 0.02 worth.


    ps - Yes 2 posts in a night - im on fire ! :-)
  2. 22 Sep '04 22:05
    Good idea!

    I'm thinking of the "my tournament summary" available one of the other sites (IYT - but I won't name it in full) that gives a nice breakdown of tourns entered and how far (how many rounds) you got.