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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member TheMaster37
    14 Sep '04 10:17
    I seem to have lost the ability to reply to messages in my it just me, or does anyone else experience this as well?
  2. Standard member TheMaster37
    14 Sep '04 10:54
    It's even a bit worse, i cannot send messages either (tried sending thire a reply, wich didn't work, then tried sending a message, wich doesn't work either).

    The error i get is that it doesn't know a player by the name <blank>, and that i didn't enter a subject in the subject line. The thing is, i DID enter a name (namely 'thire'😉 and also a subject (namely 'Reply'😉 all without the quotes.

  3. 14 Sep '04 12:23
    All your messages have been received. All four of them.
  4. Standard member thire
    14 Sep '04 13:43
    I got 2 of your messages, one was a reply to one of my message 🙂
    should all work well now 🙂
  5. 15 Sep '04 01:20
    Seems that there was (is?) some glitch with outgoing messages today indeed. I did not see any error messages and my messages were received all right, but none of them appeared in the "Sent Items".