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  1. 04 Feb '03 01:31 / 2 edits
    Clans, groups, crack outfits, y'know teams of 5 people say competing against other clans/teams.

    Taken from another thread:-

    [T1000: TEAMS!!! I just think it would be great, a chance for competition, of team rivalry, of banter, of enjoyment, and so on. This could work in one of two ways:-

    A) The boring but easier way: All the players' results in that team from their usual normal games count towards how the team gets on. At the end of the month have some sort of team league table.

    B) The potentially more fun way: Direct team challenges. For example, there could be a team Vaknso called Vaknso's Knights, and a team Rhymester called Rhymester's Rebels. They would play directly against each other, say the highest rated playes matching off, then the next highest, and so on. This team rivalry thing could be very beneficial for the community, as it would create a healthy rivalry similar to that of the MAP war (one of the most successful and good things to ever happen to RHP) but not just between Rhymester and vaknso, there would be new team rivalries etc. I suspect this idea would lead to a lot of good natured, humourous, fun banter between teams.

    RUSS: I started down this route a few months after development of RHP (with "groups&quot😉 but then watered it all down to buddy lists before taking it this far.

    Teams/clans is a great idea, and I agree with everything you say there. I have considered doing a separate version of the tournament code for team tournaments. So this will all tie in with that. This will be next on my "BIG" projects list (rather than tweaks.)"]

    So, anyone with ideas, suggestions, pointers, help, anything - even just to say that the idea is liked, then post it here.

    Possible ideas include having the clans made up of you and your friends on RHP (my preferred idea), or geographically based teams (eg by country), or grouping by age (oldies vs youngsters), or ideology (squirrel loving etc 😉). Maybe five in a team, either have a structured knock-out tournament or a league or just to start with individual challenges against other teams/clans.

  2. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    04 Feb '03 01:54
    I'm in!!😀 So when do we start? 😉
  3. 04 Feb '03 01:55
    When you come up with an idea on how it would work 😉
  4. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    04 Feb '03 01:56
    What if we do the whole 'East Coast' versus 'West Coast' like the rappers?

    Of course we need rules about drive by's as this is just a game! 🙄 hehehe...
  5. Standard member StrayJay
    I'm like a nerd
    04 Feb '03 09:50
    Originally posted by ChessNut
    What if we do the whole 'East Coast' versus 'West Coast' like the rappers?
    That's a bit ...uhm... "culture-centric".

    How about The Old World vs The New World? Hopefully, in this arena The Old World does stand a chance.

    Or is that too political?
  6. 04 Feb '03 16:42
    There should be a clan master representing the clan in the virtual space... deciding who to let in, or who to fight. There shold be more than 5 clan members permitted - this ensures evolving clans, though a max number seams reasonable. Internaldiscussion should be let to them.
    Everyone should be allowed to open a clan and permit others to join.
    Before a challenge the master should designate his combattants - whose average ratings could be subject to regulations to (ie: advanced contest).
  7. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    04 Feb '03 21:11
    There is one big question in my head regarding clans. Can you be in more than one? At first I thought no, but then realised we might want different types ( you and your friends and a more general one such as USA or ROW, for example) Still pondering over this....

  8. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    05 Feb '03 17:48
    More than one.... hmmmm... I could see possibilities either way.

    If you can only be in one clan then there would be competition in 'stealing' clan members etc...etc...

    If you could be in more than one clan then you could be in more tourneys or 'Battle of the Clans'....

    What if you are in 2 clans and they meet in a tourney? I could see a problem there.

    I'll ponder this with everyone else as I'd like to see something develop. Thanks again for your efforts Russ and Chris!!!!😀
  9. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    05 Feb '03 18:06
    If you had Clans within Leagues then people could be in more than one Clan, just limited to one Clan per League. You would't be able to have inter-league competition this way as you may run into the possibility of Clan members competing against themselves.

    League 'Themes' Brainstorm (compiled with other posts)
    - Old World vs. New World
    - Geographic Location ie. Virginia vs. Washington...
    - Miscellaneous ie. Extreme Sacrifice vs. Checkered Past (themeless league)
    - Age ie. Over The Hill Gang vs. The Young Bucks
    - Military - Army vs Navy

    Anyway, you could maybe have 'default' Clans within each League so that anyone could sign up and become a clan member. These would have no size limit and would have tourneys against one another. Any difference in the number of people would have to be resolved somehow.

    Sorry for the rambling, just trying to through some ideas out there.
  10. Standard member royalchicken
    05 Feb '03 23:43
    I like this idea. If you limit them to pawnstars, then you've probably prompted me to get one.
  11. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    06 Feb '03 12:00
    What if we made an Agricultural League ie. Foxes vs. Chickens? 😉 hehehe......

    psst. What are you waiting for Royal? Isn't this site worth a few bucks?😀
  12. Standard member royalchicken
    06 Feb '03 21:30
    Originally posted by ChessNut
    What if we made an Agricultural League ie. Foxes vs. Chickens? 😉 hehehe......

    psst. What are you waiting for Royal? Isn't this site worth a few bucks?😀
    Chickens could take squirrels and raccoons combined 😉. This site is certinly worth it; when I get a job, i'll get a star (not allowed to work when school's in session).

    PS I've unfortunately never met a live chicken.
  13. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    06 Feb '03 23:50
    Sounds good! I just couldn't resist the temptation, you know, with the Agricultural League and all. 😉